Planned Parenthood official: women get “less than sympathetic treatment”

A Planned Parenthood state official, who did not want to give his name, admitted that some women who go to Planned Parenthood are treated poorly. In a 2013 pro-abortion book, he says:

We try to make very sure that everyone seen in our clinics – for any service, not just for abortions – is treated with kindness and courtesy. But the reality is that there is no law that can guarantee sympathetic behavior. There are all sorts of reasons today why women get less than sympathetic treatment: patient overload, job-related stress and the necessity of hiring office staff who may not be fully “in sync” with the right to choose, to name just three.

The author of the book then says:

The Planned Parenthood executive (who did not want to be named) believes there are many sites today where abortion is safe and legal – and harsh.

This is a jarring admission. He is acknowledging that women who go to Planned Parenthood are treated badly, at least some of the time. While he is not saying that the abortions themselves are traumatic, he is conceding that staff in Planned Parenthood facilities sometimes show a lack of empathy and compassion for the women they serve. Because of this, he says, abortion is a “harsh” experience for the women.

Another interesting thing about this quote is that the Planned Parenthood official implies that Planned Parenthood sometimes hires employees who are “not in sync” with the pro-choice position. Is Planned Parenthood desperate for employees in their facilities that they are hiring people who are not committed to abortion? One would think that abortion providers would hire employees who heartily support abortion.

Abby Johnson wrote an article in which she noted that Planned Parenthood will hire just about anyone because they are so desperate for employees to work there. This seems to support what she says.

Source: Fran Moreland Johns Perilous Times: an inside Look at Abortion Before and After Roe Vs. Wade (New York, NY: YBK Publishers, Inc., 2013)  141

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