Planned Parenthood of WI makes false statements, failed to report child sex abuse


Yesterday, we released the following undercover video showing Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin ignoring the sexual abuse of a 14-year-old minor by a 31-year-old partner:

Planned Parenthood responded by claiming that they would have reported the sexual abuse to police as required by law except  that our undercover investigator didn’t give them her name.

One big problem, we DID give first name, last name, and date of birth and yet Planned Parenthood failed to do their legal duty. Watch the footage showing our undercover investigator giving Planned Parenthood this information:

This proves that Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin’s CEO Teri Huyck was making a false statement and that they failed to report sexual abuse as required by law.

These important questions must be answered:

  • How often does Planned Parenthood violate Wisconsin state law in this manner?
  • Will Planned Parenthood now apologize to the public for their breach of law and endangerment of young girls at the hands of sexual predators?
  • Will Planned Parenthood open an investigation into their own counseling practices?
  • Will the District Attorney open an investigation and prosecute this violation of law?
  • Will the Wisconsin Attorney General probe whether other cases of sexual abuse of minors are not being properly reported?
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