Planned Parenthood’s notification bill falsehoods

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The citizens of the state of Alaska have submitted 47,000 signatures to put a bill before voters that ensure that parents be notified before their minor child has an abortion procedure.  Abortion giant Planned Parenthood is predictably opposing this legislation. NBC2 in Alaska is reporting that:

Planned Parenthood says it’s rare when a teen comes in without a parent, but they say when they do, there’s usually a good reason.

Planned Parenthood’s Falsehood #1 : First, it is very common for a parent to not know when their minor daughter has an abortion. A Guttmacher Institute web page states that only “Six in 10 minors who have abortions do so with at least one parent’s knowledge.”

Planned Parenthood’s Falsehood #2: Planned Parenthood’s statement that minor children “usually” have a “good reason” to keep abortions secret from their parents is in contradiction to what our Live Action investigations have found. In case after case, Planned Parenthood was willing to setup a judicial bypass to keep parents in the dark for no other reason than the girl did not want her parents to know. Also note that these were cases where our undercover investigators were claiming that they were in situations of sexual abuse and statutory rape. Here are some of our videos of Planned Parenthood doing just this:

There is also evidence that parental involvement laws may lower abortion rates as a Guttmacher report discusses a study that found:

“Further, the author found that minors obtained an average of 12% of all abortions in states without parental involvement laws, compared with 9% of all abortions in states with such laws in place.”

It goes on to say…

“states with restrictions on minors had notably fewer abortion providers than those without such restrictions”

If Planned Parenthood really cared about reducing abortions then they would endorse these measures that ensure that families get a chance to talk before a life-altering abortion decision can be made. It is clear by their actions that reducing abortion is nowhere on Planned Parenthood’s agenda.

When dealing with alcohol, bullying, drugs, school work, other important issues, public policy encourages parents to get involved and talk with their children. When abortions are performed on minors before important family discussions can take place, the opportunity to address root problems is denied. As a result, many cases of sexual abuse continue (as would have happened in our undercover investigation) or other dangerous situations minors find themselves in. Why is abortion the special exception to the push for parents to be involved in the lives of their children?

Planned Parenthood’s efforts on behalf of secret abortions is hurting teen girls by depriving them of the help they need to escape situations of abuse or learn from personal mistakes. Ultimately, Planned Parenthood’s actions not only end the lives of preborn children, they enable the sexual manipulation of teen girls.

NOTE: At least 34 states have some form of parental consent or notification before an abortion on a minor is performed.

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