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Planned Parenthood hosts Christmas party for democratic women at abortion performing center

Planned Parenthood has a special knack for making the Christmas Season creepy and disturbing.

Whether it’s selling “Celebrate Choice on Earth” Christmas Cards or offering gift certificates for free Christmas abortions, Planned Parenthood sure seems to have a special talent for sucking all the joy out of the holidays.

A blogger at BigGovernment noticed that this year various organizations comprised of democrat women are throwing a “Holiday Party” at Planned Parenthood’s massive 78,000 square foot abortion mega-plex in Houston, Texas.

The irony of celebrating Christmas (a holiday that for most Americans recalls the birth of Jesus Christ) at a location that regularly kills the unborn is too tragic to ignore. Plus it’s just creepy and disturbing.

The event provides “wine and soft drinks” and suggests that attendees bring their own drinks “for stronger cheer.” The idea of throwing a party at an abortion clinic is simply revolting to me. Maybe drinking a lot is how the attendees plan on surviving the evening.

Steven Ertelt points out the close relationships between Planned Parenthood’s Houston executives and the local mayor and Democratic party. So while it is no surprise that the groups decided to team up for the holidays, it does make one wonder about Planned Parenthood’s commitment to being a the “non-partisan” organization that they claim to be.

This event should serve as a reminder and inspiration for us to redouble our pro-life advocacy and, yes, prayer for an end to abortion in this Christmas season. Let’s pledge to create a world where every little baby is welcomed with joy.

That, after all, is the best Christmas anyone could want.

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