Planned Parenthood fears Trump would ban abortion

As the Republican National Convention draws near to its conclusion in Cleveland, Planned Parenthood continues its campaign to oppose the GOP’s pro-life candidates. In a Tuesday email, the abortion giant urged supporters to outspokenly oppose Donald Trump for president, due to his pro-life values.

The email featured a picture of Trump, with the words “Trump on the best way to ban abortion: ‘by electing me president.’”

“We can’t afford to be silent,” Planned Parenthood told readers, arguing that a Trump presidency would be disastrous for abortion rights.

On its new website, Toxic Trump, Planned Parenthood displays further reasons why a President Trump should worry abortion supporters, even claiming that Trump would “prevent millions from accessing basic health care at Planned Parenthood.”


The website also features content attacking Trump’s VP pick Mike Pence, labelling him as “THE anti-women’s health crusader.” Planned Parenthood continues, “If you haven’t heard of Pence, you’ve got to know that he is just as dangerous as Trump himself. The difference: Pence has already passed extreme anti-abortion, anti-Planned Parenthood, anti-LGBTQ laws.”

While pro-lifers debate whether a President Trump would sufficiently embody pro-life values in office, one thing is clear: the other side sees him as a real threat to the abortion business.

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