Planned Parenthood closes Indiana facility due to drop in clientele and revenue

Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky announced on Thursday that it will a facility in Terre Haute, Indiana, in July. The branch noted that the location, located on Third Street, will shutter due to a drop in clientele and revenue.

The location does not commit abortions, but refers women to Planned Parenthood facilities in the area which do. A spokesperson for the abortion business said patients are being directed to the Bloomington location, as well as Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, which reports that the Terre Haute location “is operating in the red,” notes that the location saw a 62 percent decline in 10 years.


Indiana Right to Life President Mike Fichter said women are learning that they are better off without Planned Parenthood, which is outnumbered nationwide by health clinics that offer additional services:

“Women get better preventative care and more comprehensive care at non-Planned Parenthood facilities. Planned Parenthood is an old-school medical model centered on ‘family planning’ and abortions. The abortion giant has not changed to compete in the modern health care system. The Terre Haute Planned Parenthood closure demonstrates that its clients are taking their business elsewhere.”

Since abortion is Planned Parenthood’s money-maker, Fichter explains that the corporation will often close referral facilities that do not offer abortion procedures.

“If Planned Parenthood truly cared about the women they serve they would use their $15.7 annual revenue to keep their doors open in small communities around the state.

“In reality, Planned Parenthood knows its main profit comes from abortions, when it ends the beating hearts of little boys and girls. When Planned Parenthood announces more closures, we won’t see its abortion sites of Indianapolis, Bloomington, Merrillville or Lafayette on the list. Planned Parenthood exists because of abortions.”


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