Planned Parenthood CEO complains her job is 'just no fun anymore'

Planned Parenthood CEO complains her job is ‘just no fun anymore’

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A Planned Parenthood CEO is complaining that she’s having a hard time finding joy in her profession these days. Betty Cockrum, who heads Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, gave an interview to the Indiana Daily Student, the official student newspaper of Indiana University, where she talked about her dissatisfaction with her career… namely, because leading an abortion chain just isn’t “fun” anymore.

Cockrum told the newspaper that every day, she has to give herself a pep talk just to get going. “Get out of bed, Betty,” she explained. “You got to talk to yourself to even get out of bed right now, and we do.” Planned Parenthood also had a post-election national meeting, where Cockrum says that Planned Parenthood CEOs just don’t find their jobs to be “fun” anymore — literally. “When your fellow CEOs say, ‘It’s just no fun anymore. It just gets harder by the day,’ that’s tough,” Cockrum said. “You just got to go shoulder to shoulder and keep each other going.”

Ah, yes. Killing preborn babies. It used to be such fun, until those horrible pro-lifers spoiled things! Let’s examine the “fun” of the abortion profession, as presented by former abortionist, Dr. Anthony Levatino:

Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky also was one of the Planned Parenthood facilities found to give teenagers dangerous and harmful sexual counseling in Live Action’s SexEd investigation. At Planned Parenthood’s Indianapolis Midtown Health Center, our undercover investigator posed as a 15-year-old girl and said she had some questions about sex.

The counselor suggested that the girl could watch porn, even though minors are not supposed to be given access to pornography. She also suggested the idea of letting her boyfriend dominate her with a whip, and recommended that she read “50 Shades of Grey.” The girl was told she could start small, and then work her way up to full BDSM, with hitting and whips. The counselor also suggested looking online to get examples of BDSM and how to get started:

Several Indiana and Kentucky Planned Parenthood facilities were also involved in other Live Action investigations, including sexual abuse cover-ups and deceptive counseling.

Doesn’t that all just sound like tons of “fun”?

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