Planned Parenthood rep breaks irony meter: 'Every child should be loved'

Planned Parenthood rep breaks irony meter: ‘Every child should be loved’

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“Every child should be wanted, cared for and loved.” 

This is a statement that appeared in The Tennessean, a publication of the USA Today Network, on November 22. The statement doesn’t appear too extraordinary until you refer to the byline. The piece was penned by Francie Hunt, the executive director of Tennessee Advocates for Planned Parenthood, a political arm of Planned Parenthood that stumps for pro-abortion candidates in the state.

We hardly need to delineate the irony underpinning Hunt’s statement. The day Planned Parenthood starts loving, caring for, and wanting the wellbeing of children instead of brutally dismembering them and selling their emaciated remains is the day Planned Parenthood will go out of business. Indeed, without its unscrupulous utilization of children for profit, Planned Parenthood ceases to be Planned Parenthood.

And it’s not just preborn children Planned Parenthood betrays; Live Action investigations have repeatedly caught the abortion biz defending infanticide, aiding their abusers, and advising them to engage in harmful and potentially deadly behaviors. In this Live Action undercover investigative video, for example, an employee of a Bronx, New York, Planned Parenthood tells a man posing as a pimp that “everything is totally confidential.” Planned Parenthood is supposed to report instances of sexual abuse, but in multiple cases has aided and abetted it instead:

But Planned Parenthood advocate Hunt, who was, not surprisingly, disappointed by the election results, bills herself as an advocate “for children.” To entertain the idea that Planned Parenthood and its allies care about children is misguided at best, and at worst, is a symptom of the organization’s systematic use of deception to cloud their profit-obsessed business model and inhuman practices.

It’s almost as if Hunt does not hear her own self-contradiction when she speaks. “It is my tremendous honor to serve as executive director of Tennessee Advocates for Planned Parenthood,” she told The Tennessean. “Advocating for children for most of my career is a natural, deep connection to this current work to ensure that decisions regarding pregnancy, family planning, health care access, and comprehensive sexuality education are taken seriously and with respect.”

To break that down, Hunt believes that defending the so-called right to kill a child in abortion somehow serves as “advocating for children.” I have a suggestion for Hunt: if Planned Parenthood really wants to advocate for children, a good place to start would be to stop killing, dismembering, selling, lying to, abusing, and betraying them.

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