Planned Parenthood asks Twitter users to describe them in one word, and it backfires

The folks at Planned Parenthood have tried to clean up their image before on social media, and each time it backfires. You would think they’d learn, but they haven’t.

The latest campaign from Nov. 19 asks Twitter users to describe Planned Parenthood in one word. The responses are to be added to a thank you to Planned Parenthood staff.

The campaign turned out to be quite embarrassing. Roughly 24 hours later, the 41 retweets on Twitter involved almost all negative words.

A couple of Twitter supporters mentioned “vital,” even though one of them criticized the campaign.

Many tweets regarded Planned Parenthood in fitting words as  “DISGUSTING,” “VILLAINOUS,”  “butchers,” “infanticide.”

A few did “crunchy,” and one for this brilliant reason.

Many were also creative, while still fitting.

The link included in the original tweet leads to a page were users can submit their word for a special word cloud to each Planned Parenthood facility for the holiday season.

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