Planned Parenthood asks judge to dismiss Kentucky lawsuit over unlicensed abortions

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Lawyers for Planned Parenthood and the state of Kentucky were in court Wednesday over the state’s suit against the abortion giant for allegedly performing abortions without a valid license.

As Live Action has previously covered, the administration of Republican Governor Matt Bevin contends that Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky performed 23 abortions at an abortion facility that wasn’t licensed for abortions and lacked the necessary hospital and ambulance transfer agreements. It further contends that Planned Parenthood applied for a license using alleged transfer agreements that were “a complete sham.”

Following the lawsuit, the University of Louisville Hospital severed its own ties to Planned Parenthood, which the abortion giant’s attorneys claimed was only due to political pressure from the administration, which a Bevin spokesman vehemently denied.

On Wednesday, Planned Parenthood attorney Thomas Clay repeated the allegation that the hospital received “extreme pressure” to disassociate with them or lose funding, requesting that the judge throw out Bevin’s lawsuit.


“Mr. Clay’s representations are completely inaccurate,” Bevin attorney Steve Pitt responded. “At no time did any person on behalf of the Bevin administration contact or put pressure on the University of Louisville Hospital or Kentucky One with regards to these purported transfer agreements,” which “the discover in this case will show.”

Pitt further noted that Bevin’s predecessor, Governor Steve Beshear, violated the law when his administration gave Planned Parenthood permission to perform abortions without credentials.

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