Planned Parenthood annual report shows abortions increased even as health care services declined

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If Planned Parenthood has any commitment to women, it’s to help them kill their unborn babies. In its new annual report released Monday, Planned Parenthood says it performed 327,653 abortions in the 2013 reporting year.

Once again, hundreds of thousands of babies died in the name of “women’s health.” The number of abortions is up a few hundred over last year, which may not seem like much – until you realize that’s hundreds more human lives snuffed out with machines so Planned Parenthood can make more money. And for their efforts, the abortion leader also received $528,400,000, or 41% of its annual revenue, in taxpayer funding.

Meanwhile, while abortions are up, some other numbers are down, such as their much bragged about “breast exams.” Last year’s report showed 549,000 breast exams; this year, it was 487,029. It’s a mystery why the organization that constantly insists that it needs those $528 million from the government for health services would increase the number of babies it kills while so notably decreasing the number of breast exams it does.

While Planned Parenthood has never done a mammogram, one would think the abortioneers would at least bother to make an effort to increase the basic initial exams on women if they care so deeply about the health of women.

Instead, breast exams and prenatal care – two areas where they could really make a difference in health care – have fallen. So has adoption. Adoption referrals are down in the last reported year from 2,197 to 1,880, neither of which is a large numbers to begin with.

It’s no secret that adoption is ignored by Planned Parenthood as a viable option for pregnant women and the numbers reflect that with 174 abortions performed for every single adoption referral. When was the last time you can recall an ad from Planned Parenthood telling people to come seek an adoption referral? That won’t happen. How would they make money if they helped babies live?

While recent reports show that abortion clinics are closing in record numbers, Planned Parenthood has somehow managed to do more (abortions) with less (facilities). The reality is in our faces: Planned Parenthood’s focus is the killing of unborn babies, and all other services are secondary to its focus. The only faces seemingly not seeing this reality are those of governmental leaders who continue to drop millions of dollars into Planned Parenthood’s purses.

Planned Parenthood’s jingle could be sub-labeled “Pretty Little Liars in Pink.” The abortion giant uses bright pink to make its cause look bold and fun; it lauds the vitality of its work for women and claims that its priority is “women’s health.” In actuality, the bright pink is a cover for the black of death underneath, which grows in number annually, and this year is no exception. Death tolls rose, and real health care declined. This is the real news of Planned Parenthood’s new annual report.

From start to finish, Planned Parenthood’s report reads like a colorful sales prospectus, showing off all it did and encouraging everyone to continue dropping the dollars in their laps so they can help “women’s health” – by killing off pre-born boys and girls.

All the bright pink propaganda on the planet cannot disguise the reality, though: year after year, while some numbers change, abortion numbers rise, because without the killing of the unborn, there would be no profit, no Planned Parenthood. And ultimately, death is what drives their life as an organization. Three hundred twenty-seven thousand six hundred and fifty-three babies would attest to that. If only they’d been given a chance to speak.

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