Planned Parenthood aborts babies like the 24-week-old who screamed for an hour

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People have been pained and outraged at the story of a 24-week-old Polish baby who screamed for an hour after surviving an abortion. The baby was left to die alone.

Sometimes, it is terrible realities and ugly true stories like this one that cause us to face the facts. And one fact we must face is that Planned Parenthood aborts babies just like this little Polish one here in the United States. In San Diego, California, Riverside, California, and New York City, New York, America’s abortion giant commits abortions on 24-week-old babies.

At two other clinics – Los Angeles, California and Orange, California – Planned Parenthood aborts babies one day before 24 weeks. The report on the Polish baby said both that the baby was 24 weeks old, and that he was at the end of the 23rd week of pregnancy. So, the little baby who screamed and cried alone for an hour may very well have been 23 weeks, 6 days old – just like the babies aborted at these two Planned Parenthood clinics.

Live Action News has devoted an entire article to explaining the specifics of fetal viability, explaining that even as far back as Roe v. Wade, 23 or 24 weeks was recognized as a time of possible viability (meaning babies could survive outside the womb, with help, if born at this age.)

26 weeks, photo credit Julie Datema Moore

A baby only two weeks after Planned Parenthood would abort her, at 26 weeks (Photo credit: Julie Moore)

As the article details:

And indeed, fetal respiratory capacity has been enhanced in our modern day. A great number of babies can now survive at 22 weeks gestation. (The earliest recorded babies to survive were born at 21 weeks 6 days and 21 weeks 5 days.) The Washington Post remarkably even reported: “That babies can survive at 22 weeks is not a new finding; it has been known for 15 years. … New research confirmed that 22-week fetuses, measured from the first day of the pregnant woman’s last menstrual cycle, can survive.”

A May 2015 medical study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine reports that roughly 25% of babies born at 22 weeks would survive if “actively treated in a hospital.” Even without extra treatment, a small number of these babies survive. A September2015 study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that survival rates for babies at 23 weeks gestation has improved to 33%; at 24 weeks, the survival rate is 65%. With life-saving treatment, the NEJM study found that survival rates are even higher: “72 percent of 23-week-old and 97 percent of 24-week-old babies.”

In fact, many hospitals now recognize 22 weeks gestation at an age at which they will work to save a premature baby:

“The vast majority of the hospitals in the study agree… — all but four of the 24 institutions examined offered active care to all or some of the babies born at 22 weeks.”

Last year, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards lied to a Congressional committee, claiming, “we don’t provide abortions after, um, viability.” Science, research, and even Roe v. Wade proves her claims completely wrong.

We mourn the Polish baby who we know screamed and cried for an hour after birth, but we must do more than that. We must take action to stop the abortions of babies just like this one here in the United States. It is unacceptable that any child is aborted, and it is beyond understanding that children who could survive are being regularly aborted through this method or this one at Planned Parenthood clinics.

The question also remains as to what exactly Planned Parenthood does with the bodies of these viable aborted babies. On March 18th, an eyewitness saw a known baby body parts courier entering and exiting the Planned Parenthood clinic in Orange, California. The man carried a cooler with him – the exact method baby body parts dealers use to transport the organs, limbs, eyeballs, and heads of babies. As noted above, the Orange clinic aborts babies up to 23 weeks, 6 days.

If the Polish baby had been at the Orange Planned Parenthood instead, perhaps his hour-long screaming would have been cut short with a scalpel, used to harvest his brain and other body parts and given to the courier to transport. While that sounds like a scene from a horror film it’s exactly what fetal parts technician Holly O’Donnell claims happened at a San Jose Planned Parenthood (minus the screaming).

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