Pink again

October is here again with its little pink ribbons, telling us to give a donation to “Support for the Cure”, “Raise Awareness”, and all the likes of Breast Cancer.

I think you’ve heard enough about the connection between Komen and Planned Parenthood, or how much of the research money goes toward Human Embryonic Stem Research.

You’ve also read enough on how the pill increases a woman’s risk of breast, cervical, endometrial and ovarian cancer.

So, is there a way to be Pro-Life and raise awareness on breast cancer?

Thanks to the miracles of the internet, this is actually possible. Here are some of the websites and groups I have stumbled upon over the last year.

First is the Facebook group “Take Back the Pink”.

They remind us how the pink ribbon has been hijacked by corporations that profit from this symbol. They also post notifications on which research centers use Human Embryonic Stem Cells, and which businesses funnel money to them. Also who supports Planned Parenthood/Komen. They will also let you know of positive developments in Breast Cancer Research and more ethical research and corporations.

The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute has resources and information on how abortion increases the risk of breast cancer, and other factors that might help increase or decrease the risk of breast cancer.

But if you are looking specifically how to really help, and not just get a nice fashionable pink t-shirt with pink ribbons on it, check Erika’s Miracle Journey

Erika was diagnosed with breast cancer while she was 20 weeks pregnant. Despite the doctor’s strong suggestions to abort and then seek treatment, Erika valiantly underwent chemo while pregnant and eventually gave birth to a baby girl. She then had a bilateral mastectomy and continued her treatment. She is currently cancer free, and about to go for her fifth surgery to correct problems that are causing pain.  You can also follow her valiant journey in Facebook.

Cancer Awareness, Cancer Prevention, Cancer Previvor and Survivor. You can do all, and be all, and still be Pro-Life.

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