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Be part of the largest Planned Parenthood protest in history – TOMORROW!


Planned Parenthood’s underbelly has been exposed in its ghastly glory by The Center for Medical Progress’s shocking videos showing the grotesque reality of what goes on inside an abortion mill.

We all knew. But then again, we didn’t.

To see Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Senior Medical Director casually describing how she “crushes above” and “crushes below” the chest cavity to get intact hearts, livers, and lungs of tiny babies was sickening.

To see PPFA’s Medical Director’s Council president dickering over the price of baby body parts because, in her words, “I want a Lamborghini,” was repulsive.

To watch the Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains exclaim, “It’s a baby!” while poking through tiny body parts was horrific.

To hear a “tissue procurement specialist” stationed at the mega-clinic of the United States’ largest Planned Parenthood affiliate describe cutting through a late-term baby’s face – who was likely still alive – to get to the baby’s brain was beyond words.

Meanwhile, the press is covering up the truth about Planned Parenthood’s atrocities.


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It’s up to pro-lifers to broadcast these atrocities to our circle of family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, church, and social media network.

It’s up to us to tell our legislators to DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD!

One way is through the largest protest of Planned Parenthood in HISTORY – TOMORROW!

At last count there were going to be protests in 49 states at 330 (out of 665) Planned Parenthood locations. That’s almost half. Plus, pro-lifers in five other countries will be protesting at their local Planned Parenthoods in a show of unity with American pro-lifers.

Go to to find the nearest location. If your local Planned Parenthood isn’t covered, it’s not too late to jump in on this. Put together a carload of pro-lifers and Just. Do. It. Go by yourself if you have to. The Lord will know.

Hashtag will be #protestpp. Be sure to Facebook and Tweet photos and captions from your protest. Other hashtags to use if you have space: #plannedparenthood and #defundpp.

I will be protesting at the Aurora, Illinois, Planned Parenthood abortion mill.

Where will you be?

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