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On World Prematurity Day parents celebrate their children – no matter how small

Photo Credit: Julie Moore

Today, parents all over social media took a few minutes to go back in time to a perilous, precious moment: the moment their child was born premature. Harrowing tales, tear-worthy reports, and heartfelt celebrations were all shared.

Together, these parents gave the world a picture today. Communicated in thousands of images, the worldwide picture reminded us all that every human is valuable, no matter how small. Regardless of their age, size, or level of development, each human being is worth fighting for – especially at their most vulnerable moments.

Julie Moore shared this on Facebook:

In honor of World Prematurity Day; here is a moment from the NICU when Gracie was a day old. She was born at 26 weeks at 1 pound 11 ounces. We have had our bumps along the way but I couldn’t be more thankful to our Heavenly Father for this mighty, mighty girl! I say “moment” but it seemed like a lifetime that she was in the NICU (116 days to be exact!) We are so grateful to all the nurses, doctors, specialists, family and friends that surrounded us with love, comfort and wisdom. During a very stressful moment when I was in labor, a dear friend looked into my eyes and stated with confidence, “You just remember Who is in control,” an amazing reminder that I hold on to still.

26 weeks, photo credit Julie Datema Moore

Gracie Moore at 26 weeks

Photo credit: Julie Moore

Gracie Moore today

Over one hundred people tweeted out this photo:

photo credit: March of Dimes on Twitter

One Twitter user wrote: “More preemies deserve to have a chance at life. We’re so happy our miracle baby is with us.”

Indeed, more babies of every age – from day one of their existence – deserve a chance at life. Every human being is a new miracle.

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