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Obama ad, “Vote for them,” displays complete hypocrisy

One particular “victim group” is conspicuously absent from this ad.

“Vote for them.” An Obama ad, paid for by Obama for America and uploaded to YouTube by whitehousetelevision, couldn’t be more hypocritical. While encouraging voters to care about their friends and the people around them, the ad neglects to mention the most obviously forgotten group of people – the unborn. Watch it for yourself:

Granted, an ad like this is no surprise from the Obama campaign. However, one would think the president wouldn’t want to make his hypocrisy so evident. Care about people who can’t get married like the rest of us, but don’t give a thought to people who can’t even live like the rest of us? What? Use your vote as a voice for people who supposedly don’t have all their rights intact, but don’t use it for people who soon won’t even have their bodies intact? Speak up for the claimed minority, but don’t speak up for the truly unheard group? Hypocrisy is written all over this ad.

The worst part, however, has to be these lines, spoken over the written words “Romney: End Funding for Planned Parenthood:”

Are you going to tell them they can’t make decisions on their own bodies anymore because you didn’t think your vote counted? Why not have a different conversation about how you voted for them?

First, I’m not sure why a man appears on the screen right after that statement. I mean, I thought men weren’t supposed to have a say about abortion. I thought abortion was about a woman’s body. Not sure how a man enters that picture for abortion-supporters unless, of course, you’re trying to cover the truth, confuse the issue, and be disingenuous.

Second, I’ve still never heard a good explanation about how an unborn child is just an extension of his mother’s body. I mean, really, anyone who’s studied basic biology ought to know that a woman can’t have four legs, two noses, and two brains – even if she is pregnant.

And for those who would say that the true issue is all the other “services” Planned Parenthood provides, that’s just a smokescreen. Women can get cancer screenings, STD testing, and other true health care at county health offices. I’ve used county health services for my own family. I know they’re available. Planned Parenthood is not the end-all answer to the world’s health problems, no matter how often abortion-supporters would like to make that claim.

So yes, let’s have a different conversation indeed. Let’s try a conversation about the truth. A conversation about the people who really need to be spoken up for, the people who truly need to be voted for. Let’s vote for them – the innocent unborn who are targeted to die. That, my friends, is whom we all should be casting our votes for.

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