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November conference tackles assisted suicide topics

The tragic Brittany Maynard assisted suicide saga has alerted many Americans to the lesser-known topics of euthanasia and assisted suicide. With its emotional appeal, 29-year-old Maynard’s push for assisted suicide has raised questions about these difficult end-of-life issues among many Americans. The Family Institute of Connecticut is tackling the assisted suicide debate head-on, sponsoring the East Coast Conference Against Assisted Suicide. The event is the first and only of its kind, but sponsors hope that this will not be the case for long.

Bringing together national and international organizations into one conference, educators will teach anti-assisted suicide advocates and activists how to counteract the detrimental work of groups like Compassion and Choices, the organization behind the Brittany Maynard Fund.

The conference also aims to plant a network that will spread from state-to-state raising awareness about the inherent dignity of life, especially when life is nearing its end. Conference organizers at the Family Institute of Connecticut recognize that Compassion and Choices has already established roots in every state, where they work hard to promote the assisted suicide agenda. Individuals, they argue, need to be ready with an alternative to this tragic and anti-life option, and an aim of the conference is to begin establishing a much-needed network in the US.

The event will take place near Hartford, Connecticut, and all are welcome to attend. Register here, and follow the conference on Facebook here.

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