North Carolina judge rules tax dollars must support Planned Parenthood

While the nearly a quarter million dollars in funding going back into the deep pockets of Planned Parenthood must be used on “non-abortive services”, this money is still being used to support the largest abortion business in the United States – an organization responsible for over 1/4 of all abortions annually.

And considering the fact that 97.6% of services offered to pregnant women by Planned Parenthood involve abortion, maybe the decision to replentish funding in North Carolina should be reconsidered.

LifeNews reports:

…the state legislature approved a measure to remove federal funds from the pro-abortion organization in its state budget. The abortion business receives $434,000 through state family planning programs aimed at reducing teen pregnancies and providing birth control. Although the money can only be used for non-abortion services, the same organization is also the nation’s largest abortion business — doing more than 330,000 annually…

Polls show that 54% of Americans oppose tax dollars being used to support organizations that commit abortions, with even 26% of self-described “pro-choice” advocates rejecting abortion-org funding.

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