New Hampshire pro-choicers kill born alive protection and D&E ban

The New Hampshire House Judiciary Committee has voted down a pair of pro-life bills, one which would require abortionists to attempt to resuscitate any newborn that showed signs of life after abortions, and another to prohibit the dilation and evacuation procedure.

D&E abortions, commonly used in the second trimester of pregnancy, are also known as dismemberment abortions because they entail pulling the preborn baby apart limb by limb in the womb. Bill proponents called the method horrific.

Republican State Rep. Kurt Wuelper also said that the born-alive bill was necessary because “There should be a reasonable way to have some amount of protection for those who survive the sentence of abortion.”

However, abortion supporters condemned both bills as unjustified intrusions into the professional judgment of physicians — “legislating medical procedures,” in Republican State Rep. Charlene Takesian’s words.

The born-alive bill was voted down 9-7, and the dismemberment bill was voted down 9-8.

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