New abortion laws illustrate the hypocrisy of liberals and the bias of national media

Why isn’t Colorado as popular as Texas lately?

The media ought to report equally and without bias. Photo credit: NS Newsflash on Flickr

The media ought to report equally and without bias. Photo credit: NS Newsflash on Flickr

The hypocrisy of liberals never ceases to amaze.

Though liberals all over decry the actions of Governor Perry in calling for a second special session in Texas for the purpose of passing a pro-life bill (among other purposes), liberals in Colorado have been busy with a cram-fest of their own.

Somehow, the media (which largely consists of, you guessed it, liberals) has seen fit to largely overlook the Colorado legislature this year. Few seem to care – or barely observe – that the controlling Democrats in this old cowboy state have ramrodded liberal legislation all throughout this past session.

When conservatives – like Governor Perry – see fit to use their power to protect the innocent, the voice of offended outcry is heard on national airwaves. But when liberals – like those in Colorado – see fit to use their power to condemn the innocent – nary a voice is raised in opposition.

One prime example is the fetal homicide law and abortion repeal legislation passed in the Colorado legislature. As the Christian Coalition of Colorado reported in an e-mail sent out earlier this month, liberals in Colorado are rabidly fighting to preserve the rights of the abortion industry:

… Gov Hickenlooper sided with the radical abortion lobby by signing Planned Parenthood’s dangerous bill HB13-1154, which will officially become law on July 1st. …

If HB13-1154 is allowed to go into effect it will call for a criminal to face a lesser charge for the murder of a pregnant female than a male or non-pregnant female.

In doing so, this law discriminates against pregnant women and violates their basic constitutional guarantee of equal protection at both the federal and state level. …

In addition to the unconstitutional violation of equal protection, HB13-1154 will put pregnant women and their unborn children at risk by bringing about a sweeping repeal of Colorado criminal abortion statutes [and] special legal exceptions to protect abortion doctors from criminal prosecution.

Would the media dare to report that Planned Parenthood enjoys running the Colorado legislature, behind the scenes?

Would the media dare to report that Planned Parenthood enjoys helping to run the Colorado legislature behind the scenes?

Christian Coalition of Colorado also prepared a legislative brief, with help from legal experts, that details exactly where in HB13-1154 women would be discriminated against and conscience protections for medical staff could be stripped, among other dangerous provisions. The brief – and the law itself – are worth a read for anyone who doubts the intentions of the abortion industry to take over the rights of others, be they women, medical personnel, or parents.

The abortion industry also intends to go to great lengths to protect its own from prosecution. During a hearing on the bill in the Senate Judiciary Committee, Alliance Defending Freedom’s Mike Norton called HB13-1154 the “Kermit Gosnell Immunity Act of Colorado.” When abortion providers are given special exceptions and privileged immunities, despite their bad acts, they are encouraged to act in horrific and unsafe ways towards women and children, both born and unborn.

As Chris McIntire, CCC’s director, states:

Planned Parenthood has been constantly in the news, both nationally and in Colorado, for their barbaric and inhumane treatment of babies and their mothers. Yet outrageously, pro-abortion legislators in Colorado believe that Planned Parenthood is perfectly qualified to dictate policy and law regarding the safety and health of women and their unborn children.

McIntire sums up Colorado’s sorry situation by revealing the truth:
It’s no secret that HB13-1154 is being run as a political favor to abortion providers, especially when the state senator sponsoring the bill is a former lobbyist for Planned Parenthood.

How many more babies will be brutally murdered and their mothers maimed and scarred as a result of this latest political favor to radical abortion groups like Planned Parenthood?

It’s altogether unfortunate that the national media fail to cover these important stories as vigilantly as they cover the special sessions coming out of Texas. In a democracy such as ours, it’s true that the will of the majority will govern. It’s true that both sides will often push an agenda when they are in power. But that doesn’t give the media the right to cry foul when the liberal, pro-abortion agenda is on the losing end of legislation…

NOTE: You can sign a petition to ask Colorado’s attorney general to act to prevent HB13-1154 from becoming law on July 1.

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