National Right to Life Committee launches new ad

What is Planned Parenthood doing with all that money you’re being forced to give it?


The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) has launched a new ad in Northern Virginia as well as in Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio. The ad informs listeners of where Planned Parenthood gets portions of its $1-billion budget. You can listen to the ad here.

In a press release detailing the ad, NRLC also included three facts sheets using data from Planned Parenthood. You can view the fact sheets by following these links:

Planned Parenthood: Abortion

Planned Parenthood: Money

Planned Parenthood: Politics

Part of the ad notes, “Planned Parenthood’s political arms are spending nearly twelve million dollars trying to elect politicians who support giving Planned Parenthood more of your tax money. How can they spend nearly twelve million for politics?”

The ad also notes that “according to their own reports, Planned Parenthood gets over four hundred eighty million a year from government grants and reimbursements…your tax money!”

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