Even Nancy Pelosi knows abortion is a toxic issue for Democrats

Even Nancy Pelosi knows abortion is a toxic issue for Democrats

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The New York Times reports that, in strategy sessions on how to win the U.S. House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) urged her fellow Democrats to stop talking about Planned Parenthood. Saying it would “require restraint” to leave Planned Parenthood out of campaign speeches, the former Speaker of the House admitted, “Those things are in our DNA, but they are not in our talking points.”

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Instead, Pelosi and other pro-abortion strategists determined that health care needed to be discussed and defended from a different perspective — not by insisting on abortion, but by scaring Americans into thinking they could lose coverage for pre-existing conditions if Republicans were elected.

And it worked, at least in part. While the Democrats did not win by a landslide, they did re-take the U.S. House on Election Day. They had successfully learned from presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s missteps. In 2016, in a widely-publicized debate, Clinton had portrayed herself as fully pro-abortion while then-candidate Donald Trump roundly condemned late-term abortion in all its violence — something Americans by and large also condemn.

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Yet despite Pelosi’s favored talking points, the goals shared by her and her fellow pro-abortion advocates in Congress have never changed. Nancy Pelosi stands for pushing abortion on demand on the nation. Changing talking points does not change reality.

However, what changed talking points do illustrate is that Pelosi and other strategists are recognizing abortion is not the motivational issue they wish it was. While women may be motivated to vote when they believe their children could lose insurance coverage, they are not so inspired by rhetorical lines about abortion access.

In rising numbers, Americans are beginning to realize just how brutal abortion is. They are coming to terms with the idea that it hurts women and families in the long-term — and often in the short-term as well. And, they are beginning to recognize, with the help of modern technology and scientific discoveries, that aborting a baby is violating a child’s right to bodily integrity. Bodily integrity, particularly the right not to be pulled apart limb from limb, sucked backbone-last into a tube, intentionally poisoned in the heart or head, or bled to death, is a right that all members of the human race share.

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That’s an idea that even Nancy Pelosi can’t compete with.

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