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Men should have rights on abortions, too

It’s easy to forget that two people made that baby.

Abortion advocates refer to abortions as the ultimate in women’s rights. Women should have control over their bodies, they shouldn’t be forced to carry a baby they don’t want, etc. But the people never mentioned are the fathers. The fathers have no legal rights when it comes to the lives of their unborn children. There are many men who support the decision to have an abortion, or even pressure the woman into having one against her will. But what about the other men? The ones who already love their children, who want to keep them, but are never given that choice?

That’s what I thought about when I read this heartbreaking story.

He went inside once again, where he learned that his girlfriend was nine weeks pregnant and going ahead with the abortion.

He came back out, “fell to his knees and dropped his cell phone and cigarette and cried so many tears that they wet the sidewalk,” the volunteer said. He kept repeating, “It’s my baby, too!”

That man was right – it was his baby, too. But he has no say whatsoever about what would happen to it.

Unborn children are often thought of as solely the mother’s, because they reside in her womb. But children are half the father’s. Without men, there would be no babies. Why, then, do men have no say and no rights when it comes to abortion? Why do women hold all the power in these situations?

Consider that a mother can choose to kill her child without the father’s consent if he wants to keep it…and if he doesn’t want the baby, she can keep it and force him to pay child support against his wishes as well. It sure seems like men get the losing end of the bargain here. They basically have to bend over backwards and do whatever the woman wants with no complaints.

Men should have rights on abortion, too. As the man in the story pointed out, it’s his baby, too. So why should women be allowed to kill their unborn children against their will? That baby is half his, after all. Women don’t get pregnant via the magical pregnancy fairy that decides to bestow a child upon a helpless woman against her will. A woman had sex with a man – and a vast majority of the time, willingly and knowingly – and they created a child together. A father should be notified and given the right to halt an abortion, especially if he’s willing to pay the medical bills during the pregnancy and take custody of the baby after it’s born.

Pregnancy is a two-way street, and as such, it should be a two-person decision.

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