Men deserve the chance to speak out on abortion, too

Everyone has the right to defend life.

It’s not unusual to hear pro-aborts say that men don’t have a right to speak out against abortion. They don’t deserve a seat at the table. And now one pro-abortion advocate is going so far as saying that she wants to silence the voices of all men on abortion. According to this writer, who blogs at a website called Abortion Gang, because men can’t get pregnant, they shouldn’t be allowed to express any opinion on abortion whatsoever.

I want to silence all the male voices in the abortion discussion.

… The main anti-choice voices for the U.S. are also all men. In fact, the majority of persons in government who are anti-choice, are men. And none of them can get pregnant. The people who are making decisions that affect the lives of women, CAN’T EVEN GET PREGNANT!

And so, I want to silence the voices of all men. I am so tired of men giving their opinion about abortion. I am so tired of it that I am willing to sacrifice the voices of all the men who support women. I truly believe that if men were no longer allowed to speak on the topic of abortion, every country would be pro-choice. Anti-choice women get abortions too. Abortion crosses every religious, cultural, and political line. The only line it can’t cross is biological sex, and that is where the problem lies.

And she wonders why people equate feminism with misandry.

Most of her argument is factually incorrect – the majority of women are pro-life, after all – but let’s just ignore that and focus on the topic at hand. Do men deserve the right to offer an opinion on abortion?

The answer is absolutely, without a doubt, yes.

No, men cannot get pregnant. But guess what women can’t do without men? Get pregnant. Fathers are the other forgotten voices in the abortion debate. The child that the mother aborts is half his, but he has no say in the matter. If a woman wants to have an abortion, then she can have it, regardless of whether the father wants his baby or not. The point is, that baby is half his. It’s the little fact that so often gets left out of the abortion debate. Yes, women carry the babies. But it’s still half his.

But hey, by this writer’s logic, no child with a disability should be allowed to be aborted unless the parents have that same disability. Because an able-bodied person can’t possibly know what it’s like, right? So why should anyone be allowed to make that kind of decision when she herself is not disabled?

The other inanity in this writer’s argument is that you apparently must be a woman in order to speak out for or against abortion. This is like saying you must be black in order to have an opinion on civil rights, or Jewish in order to speak about the horrors of the Holocaust. Standing up against inhumane actions does not require a certain race, age, or gender. Speaking out for those who do not have a voice doesn’t, either.

Men have every right to speak out against abortion. Abortion isn’t an issue of gender. It’s an issue of life – and everyone has the right to defend it.

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