Media minimize the March for Life, but this video proves them wrong

Media minimize the March for Life, but this video proves them wrong

The media tends to skew pro-abortion, so it’s no surprise, really, that every single year, they do their best to ignore and minimize the March for Life.

This past weekend, you would think it would be huge news: hundreds of thousands of people gathering to peacefully protest in our nation’s capital, even with a blizzard coming. But because those hundreds of thousands of people are protesting abortion, the media stays quiet. When they do talk about the March for Life, they vastly underestimate it.

Take the New York Times. Their headline on the March for Life was that mere hundreds braved a blizzard to attend. The short article makes it sound as if a small group of people showed up at the nation’s capital, listened to some speeches, and then left quickly — hardly the giant event that it was, and with little mention of the bravery required for these pro-lifers to attend.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post called it “a small, faithful turnout,” reporting that hundreds of marchers showed up.

How many people actually showed up this year? This video proves the truth that the media is refusing to report:

March for Life 2016The New York Times wrote that “hundreds” attended the March for Life in Washington D.C. The Washington Post called it a “small” turnout.Watch the TRUTH below. Pass it on since the media won’t do their job.

Posted by Live Action on Sunday, January 24, 2016

Does that look like a few hundred people to you? Despite the fact that there was a huge blizzard, hundreds of thousands of dedicated pro-lifers still marched on the National Mall. That should have been major news, but instead, media outlets let their bias get in the way of their journalistic integrity. Shame on them.

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