Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio praises pregnancy centers

Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio praises pregnancy centers during CPAC 2016

Presidential candidate Marco Rubio spoke at the 2016 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Saturday. After he had finished his speech, CNN’s Dana Bash asked him a series of questions, including one that inspired Rubio to share his admiration for pregnancy help centers.

Bash asked Rubio, “What has been the most surprising part of this campaign?” She also wondered how he has embraced this in a way he didn’t think he would.

Rubio chose to focus on what he called “the great part” of the campaign.

“America is not a government. America is a nation and people,” said Rubio. “America is the country where this very morning people got up and went to work or opened their business or volunteered in the community. They’re going out about their lives and doing great things irrespective of who the president is gonna be or not. Our government is messed up but the American people are as great as they’ve ever been. What they need now are leaders that give them a chance. And this campaign has confirmed that.”

He went on to give an example of those people:

I was in South Carolina, and I went to a pregnancy crisis center. You’ve never heard about this place. It’s not in any magazines, they don’t get movies made about them, there’s no news articles. These people every day are saving lives. Young girls are coming into this pregnancy crisis center scared to death, thinking about ending an unborn life. And these people through ministry and the word of God and just loving them are getting them to change their decisions. They are saving lives. Literally, there are now people involved in this program whose lives were saved by this program. That’s America.

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