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‘I love you Mommy’ video has the sweetest preborn cartoon you’ve ever seen

I may be emotional after witnessing an amazing ultrasound at the pregnancy center I work for. However, even if I hadn’t seen a preborn’s child’s heart beating today, I would still want to cry after watching this video. Gocrazie, an online media portal for education, news, articles, short films and much more posted a video on their Facebook page in November titled, “I love you Mommy.” Since it was first shared, the video has been seen over 3 million times, and continues to gain comments and shares daily.


Posted by Gocrazie on Wednesday, November 5, 2014

In the video, we see a woman with a little cartoon circle jumping around inside of her.  The circle represents her pre-born child who is talking to her with the sweetest voice. “Hi Mommy, this is our first day together, but you didn’t know I was there yet!”, the little voice says. As the mom puts down the pregnancy test reading positive the little baby yells, “Surprise!”

As the video continues, the little circle turns into a face with arms and legs. The pre-born baby is still talking to the mother as she eats breakfast, exercises, and goes to her ultrasound appointment. As the mom’s stomach grows, the baby gives her hugs from the inside, and as she naps the baby dreams of the day she’ll hold her. The video is life-affirming because it shows the undeniable connection between a mother and her growing child. As you watch the video, you’ll feel happy that the adorable baby is safe, loved and growing, even though you know it’s just a cartoon.

The little baby in this video isn’t real, but the one I saw in it’s mothers womb today is. The client I worked with called our pregnancy center, believing abortion was her best option. After an ultrasound appointment and caring conversation, she is choosing to carry and parent her child – that is something to celebrate. As this video displays, pre-born life is precious and worth treasuring.

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