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Hello, my name is Shiloh Kauk, and I am excited to be interning with Live Action this summer. The truth about the lives of the unborn which are in jeopardy has compelled me to learn as much as possible about this issue and equip myself to address those who condone legal abortion. This week, Students from all across California, and some from across the country have gathered for the 2ndannual Live Action Leadership Summit for this very reason. Close to 35 students have been handpicked and specially invited to further develop their existing leadership skills. Having been divided into 5 dynamic teams, they will be engaging in competition throughout this week as each member hones their pro-life beliefs. You, our reader, will have the chance to participate in many of these contests by casting your votes for your favorite projects.

Shiloh Kauk

Shiloh Kauk

Kicking off on Tuesday night, we began our training in addressing the media with poise and accuracy, and the unprecedented effects such coverage can have. Each student will be individually challenged to answer difficult questions from the pro-abortion standpoint, as the staff practice role playing and pose questions to students in the “hot seat.” In the following days, this dedicated group of students will absorb both overarching facts, and integral details about the pro-life issue, as experienced leaders teach sessions on everything from the history of abortion and exposing the abortion industry to successful sidewalk counseling and answering pro-abortion queries. These teaching sessions will lay the foundation for every project and activism opportunity that the teams will be participating in.

Each team will be responsible for filming a video, producing a meaningful image, and writing a concise blog post introducing and praising influential leaders of the past who furthered positive societal change. For instance, Harriet Tubman, who led her enslaved people to freedom during the civil war; Mother Teresa, who extended her life to the rejects of society, the poor, needy, and desperate; William Wilberforce, who overcame defeat after defeat in the British parliament, persevering toward his goal of ending the British slave trade. Each team will be engaging in research as they prepare a sketch of their chosen heroes. We are excited to see what the teams will create in exposition of these heroes.

Our excitement continues to build as we foresee the impact that this dedicated group of students can have if they internalize and act upon the accurate and compelling information at their fingertips. Live Action has always operated as young people reaching out to their peers, educating them about and thereby empowering them to fight the greatest human rights abuse of our time. Taking seriously the opportunity we’ve been given to train new young leaders, is one of the most valuable contributions we can make to the pro-life movement.

Please continue to follow along as we give you the chance to spur the students on with your votes. Your prayers are also a powerful means to fortify the work we are doing. Just as the builders in Nehemiah were obliged to wield a sword in one hand as they built the wall of Jerusalem with the other, it is imperative that the proactive defense of the unborn continues while we at the summit develop new activists. In exhortation, we point you to the words of Nehemiah in chapter 4, verse 14: “Don’t be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your families, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes.”

Be on the lookout for the student blog posts on heroes of the past, coming soon!

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