Live Action President Lila Rose Responds to Marjana Banzil, director of the Bronx abortion center

Live Action released a video on Sunday proving that Kermit Gosnell, with his “House of Horrors,” is not alone. Taking place at the Dr. Emily Woman’s Health Center in the Bronx, New York, this is the first in a series of undercover videos documenting the brutality, inhumanity, and lawlessness of the late-term abortion industry.

From the press release:

“The reaction of Marjana Banzil, director of Dr. Emily Women’s Health Center the late term abortion center in the Bronx, demonstrates the danger to women and children that exists in such centers due to a lack of medical knowledge. It is difficult to believe that the Bronx clinic worker who has been on staff for more than a decade is ‘misinformed’ when claiming they would put born-alive baby in jar of toxic solution to ensure death or when she suggests flushing baby if delivered at home during procedure. If this was a ‘misinformed’ employee as Ms Banzil claims, she owes the public an explanation on what measures she will take to rectify the situation. We call on New York state and city government and health officials to investigate this late-term abortion center in the Bronx and others in New York.”

Watch the shocking video below. For more information, visit

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