Lila Rose Statement on Planned Parenthood's Announcement to Stop Receiving Compensation for Baby Parts

October 13, 2015: 
“Planned Parenthood’s announcement today doesn’t change the fact that its executives got caught on camera talking about illegally profiting off the sale of baby body parts, admitting that they charged $60 per part even when harvesting the organs cost them virtually nothing because outside vendors took care of everything.  Now Planned Parenthood says it’s going to stop breaking federal law, and it wants us to applaud it for that instead of investigate it.
“Planned Parenthood’s announcement doesn’t change the fact that it will continue the barbaric practice of dismembering and harvesting the body parts of children it aborts, that its abortionists will continue putting mothers at risk by illegally altering the abortion procedure to obtain more intact organs, and that it will continue these practices while being subsidized by the taxpayers with half a billion dollars each year.  While the illegality and specter of selling baby body parts is horrific, it’s even more horrific that we allow this brutal killing and mutilation of preborn children to continue.”
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