Lila Rose exposes Planned Parenthood facts in PragerU video

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Today, PragerU released a video narrated by Lila Rose, founder and president of Live Action. In five-and-a-half minutes, the video exposes the essential facts about Planned Parenthood, going beyond the usual talking points recited by America’s abortion corporation. As Rose says, “This organization claims it’s a health care provider. But it’s not involved in preserving life. It’s involved in ending life.”

PragerU and Rose go through the gamut of issues generally raised about Planned Parenthood. Don’t they show women ultrasounds, for instance? Well, the fact is that “the last thing Planned Parenthood wants to do is show a woman an image of her growing child. So they don’t.” An earlier investigative video released by Live Action showed how the abortion corporation uses ultrasounds for — get this — abortions, and that the majority of its facilities refuse to offer an ultrasound to a woman who is not committed to abortion. Get an ultrasound, get an abortion: that’s the equation at Planned Parenthood.

Speaking of abortions, despite the abortion chain’s claim that it’s only “three percent” of what it does annually, the facts show that “every year, Planned Parenthood does more than a third of all abortions in American, more than 321,000 of them. That’s equivalent to every inhabitant of St. Louis or Pittsburgh wiped out, every year.” Rose goes further with the three percent claim, reminding viewers of Rich Lowry’s National Review article, where he analogized Planned Parenthood’s disingenuous claim to Major League Baseball teams claiming baseball is only .012 percent of what they do because they sell 20 million hot dogs but play only 2,430 games in a season. (To read Lowry’s full exposition of the issue, go here.)

Rose informs viewers of several other essential facts:

  • Planned Parenthood is focused on one thing: abortion, not women’s health.
  • When the abortion chain says it’s devoted to women’s reproductive rights, what it means is it’s devoted to aborting as many babies as possible.
  • Planned Parenthood receives over $500 million per year in taxpayer funding — that’s your money and my money. With its overflowing wallet, the abortion corporation has ample funding to focus on abortion and end the lives of 321,000 children per year.
  • In 10 years, Planned Parenthood’s clientele has dropped an incredible 23%, but its taxpayer funding continues to skyrocket. This is not only unconscionable, but it also defies basic logic and good common sense.

She ends by exposing the biggest reality of all: to defeat Planned Parenthood’s violent agenda, there’s one thing needed, and that’s the truth. Thankfully, the truth is something each of us can speak.

The reality is just about everything about Planned Parenthood is a deception — its purpose, its funding, its very name. That’s why @PPact’s biggest enemy isn’t conservatives or religious people. It’s biggest enemy is truth.

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