Abortionist claims “life begins when his mother wants him”

Hand Down
In a Portland, Oregon article from the Willamette Week, abortionist Jim Newhall gives his view on human value:

“Not everybody is meant to be born. I believe, for a baby, life begins when his mother wants him.”

How absurd is this! According to his logic, a person becomes human and real only when someone thinks he is meaningful and valuable. Women who go into abortion clinics are extremely vulnerable and are susceptible to take in any advice from clinic workers. These women are looking for help and for the truth, but to my deepest sorrow, they do not receive it.

What women hear from these clinics are terms used to dehumanize her baby, and turn the women against her child by calling the embryo or fetus “inconvenient”, “unwanted”, and a “clump of cells”. We see this type of thinking on human value in abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood. You can view the undercover investigation videos of the lies that are being said within the walls of the clinics and that are being forced into the lives of young women. I deeply encourage you to pass these videos on and continue to be the light in this dark world we live in.

SOURCE: Why Pro-Life by Randy Alcorn (Download it here), Cited by Maureen O`Hagan, “Cross Hairs to Bears,” Willamette Week,   May 5, 1995

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