Woman claims police stomped on her stomach during traffic stop, causing a miscarriage

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A Black California woman is suing the San Leandro Police Department for the loss of her preborn baby after a police officer allegedly stomped on her stomach during a routine traffic stop.

Emerald Black was reportedly on her way home from the hospital in June 2019, where she had just been told she was at risk for miscarriage. Her fiancé was driving when police pulled the car over for having “bad registration tags.” The police ordered both of them out of the car, but Black said she asked police officers if she could stay seated. Visibly pregnant, according to the Daily Mail, she explained that she was at risk for miscarriage.

According to the lawsuit, the police allegedly “yanked Ms. Black from the car, taunted her, piled on top of her and stomped on her stomach leaving a [shoe] mark.” She subsequently suffered a miscarriage.

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Black’s lawyer, Patrick Buelna stated:

… it’s important to note that Ms. Black had committed absolutely no crimes, nor was she even suspected of any. She was simply a passenger in the car being pulled over for a minor vehicle infraction.

Black was never a suspect and was never charged with any crime. She is now suing the Leandro Police Department for the loss of her baby, her medical bills, lost wages due to medical treatment, and emotional distress.

The lawsuit includes unnamed San Leandro officers and the city itself. According to City Manager Eric Engelbart, the city is denying the allegations.

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