Lawmakers reject pro-abortion sex education in public schools

Lawmakers reject pro-abortion sex education in public schools

The state of Louisiana has passed a new pro-life bill prohibiting groups that perform elective abortions from presenting sex education materials or instruction in state public schools. HB 305, signed into law by the state’s pro-life Governor Bobby Jindal, prevents children from being targets of sex-education that promotes abortion.

Both the Louisiana House and Senate agreed overwhelmingly in favor of the measure. HB 305 is authored by Congressman Frank Hoffman, a former superintendent of schools. Hoffman sponsored the bill because he saw the abortion industry’s influence in promoting abortion in public schools.

In a press release issued by Jindal’s office, the Louisiana governor said HB 305 “assures Louisiana families that their children are not being targeted by abortion-providing organizations, consistent with current Louisiana law that prohibits school curriculum from promoting abortion.”

The legislation prohibits material from being presented in “public elementary and secondary schools or in charter schools that receive state funding.”

The bipartisan-supported measure passed the Senate by a 31-5 vote, and in a 91-6 vote in the House.

Jindal also signed into law the “Unsafe Abortion Protection Act”, which ensures that women who experience complications from abortion are offered the highest quality of care at a local hospital within 30 miles without delay.

Live Action’s new undercover investigative video series, SexEd, details how Planed Parenthood counselors offer underage girls harmful and questionable sex advice. Live Action is calling for lawmakers to defund the taxpayer-funded abortion giant.

“Lawmakers need to take action immediately to stop forcing taxpayers to support Planned Parenthood, and parents should call their school principals and superintendents to cut off Planned Parenthood’s access to teens in their communities,” said Lila Rose, president of Live Action.

Live Action and other pro-life groups have discovered that sex-education materials presented by Planned Parenthood not only encourage young people towards abortion, but also encourage them to engage in dangerous sexual practices.

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