Kony 2012: happening in America, too

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Last night I logged onto Facebook to see what the world was up to before heading to bed. I opened the screen, and BAM! My newsfeed was crawling with this video titled Kony 2012. It looked a little weird, so I didn’t open it. But after seeing it for the millionth time, I decided I might as well figure out what everyone was talking about.

Joseph Kony

The video was made to bring attention to a horrible situation in Africa where many people live in fear that they will be captured and killed at any moment. Children such as Jacob (featured in the video)  would rather die than be living the way they are. Many children (as described in the video) are abducted and then forced to join Joseph Kony’s regime and kill people–even their own family members.

Because of the murder and crime going on, Jacob witnessed his own brother being brutally killed in front of him. I’ll spare you the bloody details, but please watch the video to learn more about this project designed to let Mr. Kony (the leader of the killing) know that people are not okay with this and are out to get him arrested.

As I watched the video and saw more posts on this, it dawned on me:  why in the world are people getting so worked up about this when their own siblings, friends, and cousins are being ripped apart down the street?

In the video, it was said that the situation in Africa has hurt/killed/affected around 30,000 people. The situation breaks my heart, and it disgusts me to see human life abused in such vile ways. But you know what? In America, that many people are brutally ripped/cut apart and sucked up in LESS THAN 10 DAYS. I think that’s pretty repulsive as well.

I don’t mean to belittle the Kony 2012 video – I’m all for saving people and ending what Mr. Kony is doing. If I could help end the horror of murder going on in Africa right now, that would be great. If you help, I applaud you. But you have to realize something here:  this isn’t just happening in Africa. It’s true that most of us in America will not see our brothers killed by Pandas before our eyes, but we’re losing our people through abortion in just as brutal a way.

I found a Facebook event created specifically for this video, and guess how many people were invited to it? Last I checked, about 89,000. The YouTube video had over 165,300 views in less than a day. Now guess how many people are speaking out that vocally about abortion on Facebook every day? Not even close to that number.

How wonderful it is to see so many people standing up for life. If I saw people getting as worked up about abortion, it’d make my day. Let’s spread this video, and do our part to end Africa’s slaughter; but America, I beg you, do not forget your own invisible children. Their cries ring just as loudly as those coming from Africa. Let us be advocates for ALL life, defend life wherever we go, and speak out against injustice of every kind.

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