Kenneth Cole’s ridiculous pro-choice campaign compares abortion to shopping

I don’t mind designer clothes, but Kenneth Cole’s campaign comparing the “right” of women to chose to have an abortion with the “right” of women to choose which handbag they buy is just ridiculous.

More than ridiculous – it’s morally unseriousness. Even the video that accompanies the Kenneth Cole image featured in this post shows a woman anguishing over a decision — we think the decision to abort or keep her baby — then she walks over and picks up a handbag. Apparently that was the choice which was tearing her up inside.

Feminist Naomi Wolfe admitted in 2004 “I used to think of abortion as being somewhat trivial; the moral equivalent of serious root canal dentistry.” … but you won’t find many pro-aborts being so flippant about abortion now, at least in public when they argue for legal abortion “rights”.

Kenneth Cole evidently hasn’t caught up, despite all of its efforts to be contemporary and trendy.

As part of this campaign, Kenneth Cole has a series of “debates” surrounding “pro-choice” issues, such as “allowing a minor to have an abortion” and “keeping abortion regulated and safe.” How does Kenneth Cole think abortion can ever be truly made safe when we have to worry about minors getting abortions? I guess they’re too cool to worry about questions like that.

The current debate is “Making it the government’s right to choose.” Frankly, I have no idea what that is supposed to mean. And my job is to understand and comment about what people say. Currently 452 people are responding “No” to this question and 47 are responding “Yes.” Normally I love rocking abortion-related polls toward the pro-life side but this time around I see no reason to give Kenneth Cole more attention than I already have.

If you feel compelled to, however, you’re welcome to leave a comment. I would say something like this:

Comparing abortion to shopping is totally offensive to me. Because I believe in supporting women to choose LIFE I’m choosing NOT to support you. Everyone who buys from you had a mother who chose life. Maybe your next campaign should focus on honoring them.

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