Katie Stack: Abortion’s very own Lila Rose wannabe

Breathless quasi-outrage!

It’s no secret that abortion advocates loathe anything that offers women an alternative to abortion. Currently, much of the pro-abortion ire is directed towards pregnancy centers for having the gall to offer women options besides abortion. NARAL has gone after them in a bizarre investigation as well as with a laughable quiz which just made NARAL look stupid, and Planned Parenthood (rather hypocritically) denounced them for giving out “inaccurate” information. And pro-aborts constantly are gnashing their teeth over the fact that there are more pregnancy centers than there are abortion clinics, whining about how it is just terrible, awful, and wrong that women could possibly go somewhere that would give them a solution beyond just abortion. They call themselves pro-choice, but clearly giving women a choice besides just abortion isn’t something they’re very interested in, is it?

Meanwhile, Lila Rose has consistently been a thorn in the abortion industry’s side, and Planned Parenthood’s in particular. And as much as pro-aborts try to demean her and the undercover investigations she has released, there’s no denying the damage they’ve done to the abortion movement. After all, if her investigative videos were really the laughable, inaccurate failures that pro-aborts claim they are, then they wouldn’t waste so much energy attacking her, would they?

Enter The Crisis Project. Run by Katie Stack, a pro-abortion activist, the Crisis Project hasn’t enjoyed nearly the amount of notoriety and attention that Lila Rose and her investigative videos have. But gosh darn it, they’re trying. Stack and her investigations of pregnancy centers were featured both in Salon and New York Magazine today.

In the Salon piece, there are breathless accusations of “dangerous advice” and of the counselor being misleading. They complain about the counselor telling Stack that sex is a responsibility and has consequences (which, um, is true), and that she pointed out the various side-effects and risks of abortion and the Plan B pill. And then Stack went after Lila Rose and Live Action.

Of course, the more famous secret recordings in abortion politics are on the right, with Live Action’s stings on Planned Parenthood and independent abortion clinics. Stack says there’s a difference: ”The videos that Live Action puts out are promoting the myths and the fears that the antiabortion movement, such as the idea that abortion clinics cover up sex trafficking. Whereas our work is really much more investigative. We’re not creating unusual scenarios, we’re not looking to prove a particular thesis necessarily. We’re just going in there and letting them talk.”

Of course, these aren’t just “myths” and “fears.” Take covering up sex trafficking, for example – we didn’t just make that up. It happened. But never let facts get in the way of your bias, right? Plus, it’s apparently totally cool for the pro-aborts to do undercover investigations, because they have no scenarios to create (right). Whereas Lila Rose and Live Action are just going out there to cause trouble and aren’t doing real investigations, or something.

And that brings us to New York Magazine, which linked to the Salon piece, quoted Stack’s “myths and fears” line, and then came up with its own little factual gymnastics. Evidently, Jezebel is now a great source for scientific accuracy!

Crisis pregnancy centers are the free quasi-clinics run by pro-life groups that advertise to desperate pregnant women and win abortion search results, but don’t provide abortion care and in fact actively dissuade women from getting abortions. (They outnumber abortion clinics in this country.) At one center, Cleveland’s Womankind, Stack was told Plan B would cause hemorrhaging (nope) and asked why she was having sex if she wasn’t married. Stack told Salon the difference between her videos and Rose’s is that Rose’s are “promoting the myths and the fears that the antiabortion movement,” whereas she is “just going in there and letting them talk.” Talk is a generous word for the nonsense she catches on video.

There’s the typical how dare those clinics not provide abortions?! quasi-outrage. But what was interesting is the Plan B claim. It’s Jezebel they link to as “proof” that Plan B doesn’t cause hemorrhaging. Well, let’s examine that claim. lists irregular and heavy bleeding (which may be either uterine or vaginal) as “common adverse reactions,” meaning that more than 1 in 10 women will experience them, among other common side effects. Hemorrhaging is defined as…um…bleeding. There are even different classifications of hemorrhaging. Not all hemorrhaging is life-threatening. But hey, if Jezebel said it doesn’t cause hemorrhaging, then clearly they must be right, because they are the Masters of All Things Scientific and Female, or something.

But it’s Lila Rose that’s spreading myths, fears, and inaccurate information? Please. So far The Crisis Project has been nothing more than a disappointment, and Katie Stack abortion’s sad, wannabe version of Lila Rose.

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