Judge wants KS Board of Healing Arts to reinstate license of abortionist they call a ‘danger to the public’

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Abortionist Ann Kristin Neuhaus

This week, Operation Rescue reported that a judge had “ordered the Kansas Board of Healing Arts to reconsider for the second time its license revocation order against abortionist Ann Kristin Neuhaus,” the late abortionist George Tiller’s “rubber stamper” abortionist.

Kansans for Life notes that Shawnee District Judge Franklin Theis “believes the Board’s ‘charge list’ against Neuhaus is improperly worded under statute and misuses their own Disciplinary Guidelines grid.” KFL gives some history on the Kansas Board of Healing Arts’ efforts to keep abortionist Neuhaus from practicing:

The first time [Neuhaus’s] medical license was revoked, in July 2012, was for “professional incompetence” and “failing to meet minimum requirements for maintaining records.” In March 2014, Judge Theis overturned the Board’s revocation.

The Board revoked Neuhaus’s license a second time in January 2015. (read more here)

Par for the course, Judge Theis took two years to issue his most recent decision undermining the Kansas State Healing Arts Board.

This is the same judge who, for five years, stalled motions to move forward on the lawsuit blocking Kansas’ long-sought law regulating abortion clinics.

Why is Neuhaus known as Tiller’s rubber stamper? Because, as Operation Rescue points out, “Neuhaus at one time rubber-stamped all post-22 week abortions done at Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Services in Wichita, Kansas,” relying on a “computer psychiatric training program called ‘PsychManager Lite'” to spit out various mental health diagnoses for minors — even for some she had never interviewed herself.

Live Action News’ Cassy Fiano noted in 2012 that trial evidence showed “George Tiller was indeed performing illegal late-term abortions, and Neuhaus was complicit in the criminal act”:

The criminal acts that Tiller and Neuhaus were so comfortable performing show, yet again, that people in the abortion industry feel that they are above the law. State medical laws and regulations are put in place to protect women; meanwhile, abortionists regularly flout those laws while calling themselves pro-woman. No other medical specialty would be able to get away with the flagrant law-breaking that routinely goes on in abortion clinics, but most of the time, abortionists get a free pass. And this means that abortion clinics can be a very dangerous place for a woman to go.

Obviously, the intention of a Kansas state law requiring a second doctor’s opinion for certain abortions wasn’t supposed to result in made-up mental diagnoses. According to Kansans for Life, “Under the 1998 state law, the role [Neuhaus] was supposed to play was that of an ‘independent’ check on post-viability abortions by providing bona fide second opinions on maternal health.” However, “before Neuhaus accepted the job, Tiller had called approximately 100 Kansas physicians who refused to participate in such an arrangement.”

For its part in attempting to protect the public from Neuhaus, the Kansas Board has reportedly spent around $100,000 in an effort to keep Neuhaus’s license revocation intact. Kansans for Life states that Neuhaus “has been officially in trouble with the Board for the better part of the last 25 years, which has twice characterized her as a ‘danger to the public'” and which, as recently as 2015, believed Neuhaus to be “stubborn and ‘incapable of successful rehabilitation.'”

Operation Rescue notes Neuhaus’s strange attitudes toward pregnancy as well, writing, “During her disciplinary hearing, [Neuhaus] stated that an unexpected pregnancy causes women to become mentally ill without exception. She also has stated that she believes that pregnancy is a life-threatening condition and alone justifies abortion at any stage of pregnancy.”

Unfortunately, it appears that District Judge Theis may be more concerned about furthering an abortion agenda than he is with the actual safety and well-being of minors.

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