Joining the pro-life movement: my experience as a Live Action intern

I have been actively pro-life for many years. As an undergraduate at Fordham University, I was part of the Respect Life club on my campus, and I was a contributor to Live Action News. But, I was seeking an opportunity to deepen my experience and advocacy in the pro-life movement.

In 2014, I decided to apply for an internship at Live Action‘s headquarters in Washington, D.C., and the experience taught me so much about the pro-life movement, as well as about personal responsibility.

Being in the D.C. area, this was the first time I had lived outside of New York State. I learned responsibility, not just from living on my own as an independent adult, but through interaction with others in an office setting.


A Live Action internship is not an average one— it is a tremendous blessing to be in the thick of the pro-life movement.

During my experience, I had the ability to reach out to Live Action supporters via e-mail, Facebook messages, and on the phone. I remember communicating (and still keep in touch) with a young woman who messaged us through Facebook. She was considering abortion, but gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. It is truly amazing seeing smiling pictures of him on Facebook as he grows up. On the other had, I recall offering a woman words of comfort, as her younger relative had committed suicide following her abortion.

Click here to apply for Live Action’s internship program!

During my time as an intern, I had real duties to perform, which kept me busy during the day. I assisted with donor information, processed orders for Live Action’s magazine, The Advocate, and encouraged students and schools to order the magazine. I also helped process applications for incoming interns.

Although I had been writing for roughly two years, the workshops and the opportunity to write regularly for Live Action News helped me strengthen my skills as a journalist. Whether you’re just starting out with journalism, or have already been working for a few years, there is always something to be learned and improved upon.

I also had the opportunity to meet, interact, and work with Live Action President Lila Rose. This pro-life icon is one of the kindest and most down-to-earth people I have ever met— in addition to her being an inspirational figure.

Then, there is the opportunity to be on the ground. I represented Live Action at the Students for Life conference, and, of course, joined the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. I even talked to reporters from Vice, who were interviewing Lila!

The internship has ended, but I’m back to writing for the pro-life movement, with even more experience to guide me.

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