Joanne Schieble’s choice

Granted that in 1954, unmarried pregnant women had “less” of a choice: either have an illegal abortion, get married, or give the baby in adoption. Joanne Schieble chose the latter.

Her generosity gave our generation the Apple computer, the ipod, iphone and ipads.

We even have the myriad of Pixar movies thanks to her, and to the love of Paul and Clara Jobs.

Our current “choice” is made up of mega-doses of hormones, early surgical procedure, and late surgical procedure. None of them allow us to get to know the person that is being eliminated for the sake of the mother’s wish.

Will this generation get to have their own Edison? Their own Ford? Their own Steve Jobs?

Or has this person not been given the chance to being born?

Photo by Matthew Yohe

Thank you Joanne, Paul and Clara for giving the world your son.

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