Is this any way for those against abortion to act towards good faith proposals?

Pro-life activist Jill Stanek’s new website recently went up at!

One such eye-catching piece, titled “Anti-abortion group: Don’t call us pro-life… sides with pro-aborts against pro-life amendment” links to a piece from The Daily Helmsman, titled “Anti-abortion demonstrators surprise, debate student body.”

With regards to the headline touted by StanekReport, the group known as Abolish Human Abortion, or AHA, appeared outside University of Memphis Alumni Mall on Thursday, October 30.

From the piece:

The organization came to the University in light of the upcoming Nov. 4 mid-term election and the much-debated Amendment 1, which would allow state legislators to add restrictions on abortion, even in the case of rape, incest or the pregnancy being hazardous for the woman’s life.

Tory Keeter, a 27-year-old anti-abortion activist from Norman, Okla., was one of the demonstrators at the event. She explained the rationale behind the group.

“We are Christians who think abortion is sin.” Keeter said. “The body inside my body is not my body.”

Keeter said that although the Abolitionists do not support abortion rights, she, and many others, would still vote no on Amendment 1.

Like Keeter, Brindley would also vote no on Amendment 1. According to him, people have been lied to about “the pro life [movement].” Brindley believes that while the passing of Amendment 1 would most likely lessen the amount of abortions, it wouldn’t do away with them entirely. According to Brindley, abortion should not be regulated, but done away with altogether. Even in the case of rape, incest or a threat to a woman’s health, abortion should never be an option.

As a Christian, I do agree with Keeter’s statement that abortion is a sin. I also am against abortion in any and all circumstances. I wish we could save every baby from abortion! That we cannot right now does make me impatient. However, I recognize that many people, including some who consider themselves pro-life may not fit into one or both of those categories.

I cannot agree with John Brindley, who is referenced previously in the article as director of the Abolitionist Society of Memphis-Mid South. To recognize that we must regulate abortion to gradually rid our country of this great evil is a necessary move, because we must prepare those in our country who do not yet or may not ever share our view. I feel that doesn’t make me any less pro-life, but rather makes me realistic.

Perhaps worst of all though is that to vote against Amendment 1 does nothing to help unborn children, not a single one. By holding the view that if we cannot save them all then it’s not worth it to save any is just another vote, and possibly a win, for the abortion movement.

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