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Is Planned Parenthood afraid of Live Action?

At Live Action we like to stay updated on what is going in the world of human life rights. In doing so, we attempted to follow every Twitter account of largest US abortion provider and human life rights violator Planned Parenthood. Apparently, they aren’t very interested in us getting their PUBLIC updates as over HALF of the Planned Parenthood accounts blocked us (glad they know who Live Action is), see the screen shot below:


As a non-profit that supposedly serves the public using taxpayer money, doesn’t Planned Parenthood have a responsibility to allow everyone to get their updates? It isn’t like this is a security or privacy issue as anyone can view their public updates whether that user is a follower or not and it isn’t that hard to follow Planned Parenthood using an account with a different name – so who are they trying to fool?

At Live Action, we allow everyone to follow our Twitter page at: whether you agree with us or not. We actually hope that if you don’t agree with us you will follow us and learn a few things. Apparently, Planned Parenthood doesn’t think they have anything to say that is worth us learning.

In short, we are the ones open to dialogue and progress but that can’t happen as long as Planned Parenthood keeps thinking that blocking their own public updates is a good thing.

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