Is Obama the real pro-life leader?

A completely despicable claim.

Nicholas Cafardi, a lawyer and newly named co-chair of Catholics for Obama, has made a rather outrageous claim. In light of the Catholic Charities controversy, Cafardi is making the rather dubious claim that it is Obama, and not Mitt Romney, who is the “true” pro-life candidate in this presidential election.

Cafardi claims that while Obama is pro-abortion and Romney is pro-life, Obama is still the more “anti-abortion, pro-life” candidate of the two. Why? Well, Cafardi claims that Obama and the Affordable Care Act will not pay for abortions (wrong – the ACA certainly does, and the Obama administration has also bypassed states’ decisions to defund Planned Parenthood). He claims that, since the Affordable Care Act will give women millions of dollars in support for pregnant women, Obama will actually be lowering the amount of abortions. (You’ll excuse my skepticism.)

Cafardi’s final argument is that Obama does not profit from the abortion industry, and that Mitt Romney does – or did, through Bain Capital. And this, somehow, makes Mitt Romney more pro-abortion than Barack Obama.

That is quite possibly the most ludicrous statement I have ever read, considering that Barack Obama is hands-down the most pro-abortion president this country has ever had.

How pro-abortion is Barack Obama? In addition to funding the largest abortion mill in the country (Planned Parenthood) and ardently opposing any and all restrictions to abortion, Obama claimed that the issue of abortion was “above his pay grade.” That’s quite a far cry from the picture of Obama as some sort of reluctant pro-choicer, who hates abortion and merely wants to give women their rights. In fact, Obama is such an ardent defender of abortion that Planned Parenthood is arranging a bus tour to support him.

And while you could argue the fact that Obama is the most radically pro-abortion president this country has ever had, there’s one fact that proves it – a fact that Cafardi rather conveniently leaves out. Obama voted not once or twice, but three times against an act that would protect infants born alive after an abortion. That’s right. Obama basically voted in favor of letting doctors commit infanticide. Pro-abortion or not, if a baby is born alive, then there’s no excuse for killing it or letting it die. None whatsoever…except of course, in the mind of our president, who believes that you should be able to murder a baby that’s been born.

Tell me, Mr. Cafardi, how does that square with your argument that Barack Obama is somehow the more pro-life candidate? As my co-blogger Calvin Freiburger pointed out, Cafardi’s claims about Mitt Romney to make him look like a less genuine pro-life candidate are a bald-faced lie.

Mr. Cafardi, as a Catholic, I feel that you should be ashamed of yourself. While the pro-life doctrine is not the only doctrine Catholics have to hold to, it is still one of the most important teachings of the Church. And not only have you lied, manipulated the truth, and smeared a pro-life candidate, but you’ve basically sold out the pro-life teachings of the Church that you claim to be defending in order to get a prominent position with the Obama campaign – your forty pieces of silver, as it were. It takes some true mental gymnastics to contort the truth this greatly. What’s truly sad is that you, Mr. Cafardi, are selling out the Church, and exploiting it by running a lie-filled smear piece on behalf of Catholics to make the most pro-abortion president ever look better to the public. That, quite frankly, is in my opinion completely despicable.

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