Quote of the day: #BlackLivesMatter activist slams pro-lifers at faith conference

We can wipe out the adoption crisis tomorrow. We could wipe it out this week, but we’re too busy arguing to have abortion banned, we’re too busy arguing to defund Planned Parenthood.

We are too busy withholding mercy from the living, so that we might display a big spectacle of how much we want mercy to be shown to the unborn. Where is your mercy? …

What is your goal in only doing activism that makes you comfortable?

~ #BlackLivesMatter activist Michelle Higgins, speaking at the InterVarsity Christian conference, as quoted by The Blaze, December 31


UPDATE: InterVarsity issued the following statement today:

InterVarsity believes all lives are sacred – born and unborn. Interim president, Jim Lundgren says, “Scripture is clear about the sanctity of life: that is why I’m both pro-life and committed to the dignity of my Black brothers and sisters.”

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