India study exposes Abortion/Breast cancer link Planned Parenthood tries to hide

Take a look at this abortion question and answer page from Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s website.

Q. Does having an abortion really lead to breast cancer?

A. No. No. No. No. No. There is no truth to this at all. It is one of those nasty myths invented by anti-choice organizations to frighten women away from having an abortion.

“Two years ago, the federal government put together a team of researchers to review the many studies that have been done on this over the years. They decided that there were flaws in the studies that linked abortion and breast cancer. The best studies, including one of 1.5 million women in Denmark, have found no link between cancer and abortion — none.”

If I was a concerned woman seeking to protect myself from the possibility of breast cancer, this Planned Parenthood Q & A might put me at ease about having an abortion. It would also confirm to me that anti-choicers (whoever they might be) are evil, scary people who make up myths attempting to frighten me away from potentially terminating my fetus. Reading Planned Parenthood’s answer to this vitally important question could also communicate the Federal Government’s sincere desire to help me avoid a serious and often fatal disease.

In reality I’m not a woman who takes to heart the words of Planned Parenthood. An organization that performed 995,687 abortions from 2009-2011 might have a vested interest in protecting their business. The government whose study they readily stand behind is the same government that provided Planned Parenthood with $542.4 million from taxpayers in government grants and reimbursements in 2011-2012 alone, according to PP’s own annual report. You can see why I might distrust a study that’s put together by a government that supplies PP with 45% of their organizations revenue.

Planned Parenthood says,”There is no truth in this at all” regarding the breast cancer/abortion link yet. Yet a report recently published in the current issue of the Indian Journal of Cancer says women who’ve had an abortion are 6.26 times more likely to develop breast cancer than women who have no history of having abortions. The report states that abortion makes the breast’s muscle tissue more likely to act as a cancer-producing agent. Researchers for the study also say abortions leave the breast epithelium in a proliferative state with an increased susceptibility to carcinogenics.

In addition a recent study in China from the international cancer journal, Cancer Causes and Control reported the overall risk of developing breast cancer among women in China who had at least once induced abortion was significantly increased by 44%. This report is the results of 36 combined studies through 2012 on the abortion/breast cancer link in China.

German Gonzalo, M.D commented on the China study saying, “China is realizing and accepting an important truth before the United States is willing to do so.”

In reference to the abortion/breast cancer link he went on to say;

“The correlation is therefore indisputable. It has been separately demonstrated and is universally accepted, that the abortion-breast cancer connection has two prongs. First, pregnancy hugely increases the number of breast cells vulnerable to cancer, due to the elevation of estrogen levels which normally occurs in the first months of gestation. A live birth, however, provides enough time for these ‘progenitor cells’ to differentiate into more mature, cancer-resistant, milk-producing cells.

Secondly abortion abruptly and prematurely stops the time of natural regression of “progenitor cells,” leaving a woman’s breasts with much more tissue with cancer potential than they had before the pregnancy began.”

Doctors and researchers from across the world are exposing a truth that American health institutions and cancer societies are refusing to admit. The abortion industry is a lucrative business. As it continues to make millions, it will be protected by those who benefit from it’s profits. Sadly women’s health and well being is being endangered in the process.

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