Why I’m Pro-Life: Abortion – America’s bloody cash cow (part 2)

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In Part 1 of this article titled, “Why I’m Pro-Life: Out of indifference into activism” I share my story of growing up unaware and uninterested in all things related to abortion. I explain how a confession from my mother started my journey out of indifference towards abortion into activism. In this article I’ll share the shocking information I discovered that further solidified my pro-life stand.

The Cash Flow

I found out the abortion industry was a billion dollar enterprise. Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, receives nearly $1.5 million tax payer dollars a day. 51% of their yearly clinic income from customers comes from abortion. People are making money off the crushed backs and broken skulls of babies. Former abortion doctor Anthony Levatino once said, “Along the way you find out you make a lot of money doing abortions.” Carol Everett, who once owned an abortion clinic, stated, “I sold abortions. I had made $150,000; was on target in 1983 to make about $260,000; and when we opened our five clinics, I would have been taking home about a million dollars a year. I expected to make more than that after we were really functioning.” A recent LifeNews article reported on late term abortionist Willie Parker. Parker brings in $356,000 by Planned Parenthood for just the abortions he commits at DC’s main abortion center. Nina Whitten a former secretary at a Dallas abortion clinic confessed“Every single transaction that we did was cash money. We wouldn’t take a check, or even a credit card. If you didn’t have the money, forget it. It wasn’t unusual at all for me to take 10,000 to 15,000 a day to the bank – in cash. It’s a lie when they tell you they’re doing it to help women because they’re not. They’re doing it for the money.” 

My mother told me she thought the abortionist fought with her to stay in fear that her departure would cause other women to leave. In her heart she believed he was scared of losing business. The eye opening documentary “Blood Money” provides further testimonies from those once inside the abortion industry who admitted their goal was to make money, not help women. I’m convinced the greed that fueled the money making slave trade in America is similar to the greed that fuels the abortion industry today.

The Violence

I’m 5’1, barely over a hundred pounds but a man double my size pulled back his arm once and threatened to punch me. He was bringing his girlfriend into the abortion clinic and didn’t want me to change her mind. With an angry scowl he gave me a message. It’s the same message I’ve seen many men give their ladies as they parade them into the clinics. Pressure is a real thing. Abortion advocates say abortion is a woman’s right to chose but are the women always the one choosing? Abortion allows controlling men to rid themselves of a problem. It makes it easier for pimps and pedophiles to keep pushing their game. Abortion is an abuse and sometimes deadly act towards a woman and her child. As for the good father’s who want their babies, their voices are often silenced and their pain goes unrecognized.

The Hidden History

I never knew one of our President’s called Blacks, “little black bastards” when hearing of their growth in states. His recorded phone conversations are available for the public. Here is one excerpt:

March 30, 1972

Nixon: A majority of people in CO voted for abortion, I think a majority of people in MI are for abortion, I think in both cases, well, certainly in MI they will vote for it because they think that what’s going to be aborted generally are the little black bastards.

Unidentified Staff: Sure.

All my history teachers conveniently left that out of their lessons. They also neglected to mention that Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood’s Founder practiced a philosophy called Eugenics. A belief centered on improving the human race by decreasing the population of those with traits they found undesirable. It wasn’t till 2009 and Maafa21’s release that I discovered the wicked roots of Planned Parenthood. I learned that a wealthy elite class of people in the 1930’s sought to use birth control and sterilization as a means to bring genocide to a people, my people. Abortion is currently the #1 killer of Blacks in America. I’m sad to say Sanger’s plan is working.

Biology & Technology

An older women who regretted her abortion told me this, “My teacher told me it was a blob of cells”. I’d like to see a teacher try that now. A student could whip out their Iphone and download an app with fetal development holograms. We’re living in a world where handheld ultrasounds are smaller than our parent’s land line phones. A baby’s heartbeat can be detected as early as 5 weeks and at 20 wks they feel pain. We’ve been given a window into a women’s womb and I believe it’s so we can behold the beauty of life. Fascinating video’s like this one on fertilization confirm to me that I’m making the right stand. Even just the journey of a sperm to meet an egg is unbelievable. I think it’s unreasonably cruel that we violently cut short the process of life after so much has already taken place. In a world where countless women would give anything to have a child, I find it heartbreaking that the majority of abortions done in our country are for reasons of convenience.

We all have our reasons for what we believe. These are just some of mine. I survived the greatest death decree America’s ever seen. On behalf of the millions of babies worldwide who’ve lost their voices, I continue to speak.

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