Illinois residents surprised by unannounced Planned Parenthood facility

Illinois residents surprised by unannounced Planned Parenthood facility

After selling its building in downtown Springfield last year, Planned Parenthood of Illinois has opened a facility on the west side of the state capital. Local residents and business owners expressed surprise, and in some cases frustration, claiming they were not informed that Planned Parenthood would be moving into their neighborhood. Several residents learned of the move only after Planned Parenthood posted signs over the weekend.

Brigid Leahy, director of public policy for Planned Parenthood Illinois, told the State Journal-Register that it is the policy of the abortion group to not inform local residents and businesses of new Planned Parenthood locations…

Planned Parenthood didn’t need to notify nearby property owners because the business zone in which the new 6,000-square-foot site is located allows for medical offices and other health-care facilities….

The building permit requested from the city for Planned Parenthood’s renovation work didn’t list Planned Parenthood as the business. The request instead listed the words “medical office development” and a Chicago address….

While this is not illegal, it has taken residents by surprise. Even the seller did not know that Planned Parenthood purchased the building:

Pruitt, the owner of E.L. Pruitt Co., a provider of mechanical services, said he owned the one-story building for several years and sold it through a real-estate agent. The name of the limited liability company that purchased the property didn’t indicate it was connected with Planned Parenthood, Pruitt said.

Pruitt is Catholic, but says even if he had known that the buyer was Planned Parenthood, it would not have changed his decision to sell the property to the organization.

The new facility does not currently provide surgical abortion, but does provide medication abortion. In the video below, former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino explains the process of the RU-486 abortion:

Members of Springfield Right to Life protested outside the new facility, which formerly served as a GOP call center, a cell phone retailer, and a private business college.

David Mundellius, a retired municipal worker who lives a few doors down from the new Planned Parenthood called the move “horrible.” “I have to walk by every day and get the creepy feeling of what’s going on inside,” he said.

Another local resident, Rev. Wilson Douglas, criticized the stealthy move by Planned Parenthood, stating that he is “100 percent opposed” to the abortion group.

Interestingly, even the State Journal-Register took note of an “ironic” billboard located at the site, which juxtaposes a lifesaving institution with one which does the opposite:

The new center opened with an ironic visual image: A large billboard that extends over the property, carrying an advertisement for the children’s hospital operated by a longtime Catholic institution, Springfield’s HSHS St. John’s Hospital.

The HSHS ad portrays a child and the words, “Our top pediatric specialists, caring for what matters most.”

An HSHS St. John’s Hospital representative said the billboard location and theme are “purely coincidental.”

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