Huffington Post scores and misses points reporting on Blac Chyna's ultrasound image

Huffington Post scores and misses points reporting on Blac Chyna’s ultrasound image

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Blac Chyna has found fame in her modeling career, her engagement to Rob Kardashian, and now also for sharing the Instagram image of her preborn baby, which has 295,000 likes as of Wednesday night.

Huffington Post reported that all the attention “probably makes it the Most Popular Ultrasound Ever.” The site’s entertainment writer, Hayley Cuccinello, cooed over the image of this new person, even calling him or her an “unborn baby,” Chyna’s “baby with Rob Kardashian,” and “the unborn Kardashian kid.”  This is encouraging considering the site often posts pro-abortion articles.

Unfortunately, however, Cuccinello goes for the unnecessary in the very next sentence after lauding “the Most Popular Ultrasound Ever.” Preborn children of celebrities are precious and cute, but apparently they’re the only ones:

And let’s face it, most ultrasounds on social media only get likes and comments out of obligation. (“Your baby is so beautiful and doesn’t look at all like an alien!”)

Who is Cuccinello to say? Is she a mind reader when it comes to dissecting what people really mean with their comments and likes?

There is no popularity contest when it comes to sharing a window into the womb and the gift of life. In some states, they even lead to decreases in abortion.

I myself can only speak from personal experience. I don’t keep track of every social media post of every ultrasound image out there, and I am not a mind reader. But, I can speak to posts of ultrasounds, shared by those who are not celebrities, which contain just as much heartfelt joy and excitement and love. There is no “obligation” in the likes and well-wishing comments from your friends and family.

And even if there were, at least in Cuccinello’s circles, it’s cringe worthy what that says about how society treats children. With such a needlessly insulting article, Cuccinello only furthers that unfortunate sentiment.

There is still good news to report, in the ultrasound image description itself, which Cuccinello incorrectly refers to as “filled with randomly capitalized words and sweet nothings for her fiancé.” Blac Chyna’s excitement over her second child is truly endearing:

For a long time I felt like King was going to be an only child. That he was my greatest blessing and we were gonna live happily ever after together Just the 2 of us, I was no longer looking for love because I thought I had all that I needed. We needed. But look at God ! Here I am Engaged to be married to one of the greatest men I know who loves King & I unconditionally AND having another bundle of joy! I just want to say Never give up & ALWAYS have faith because fairytales DO come True #LookAtOurLittleNugget#KingsGoingToBeABigBrother

This preborn child in the ultrasound is a precious and wonderful human being, worthy of celebration and praise, and most of all, of life. But, that is in no way determined by who his or her parents are, and fortunately not by what Huffington Post writers think.

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