How is Planned Parenthood like a car dealership, a pie chart, and McDonalds?

How is Planned Parenthood like a car dealership? Eric Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League has a clever answer:

Planned Parenthood saying abortion is only 3% of their business is like a car dealership saying that selling cars is only 3% of their business because MOST of their business is selling warranties and loans, windshield wipers and tires, and gumballs and soda pop out of the waiting room vending machines.

But in the end, we all know why car dealerships exist – to sell cars. And we all know why Planned Parenthood exists – to provide abortions. Everything else you have heard is a sales pitch.

And in fact, 98% of their “pregnancy services” last year were abortions. Just look at the pie chart:

(source: American Life League, based on Planned Parenthood’s own statistics.)

As for the claim that if Planned Parenthood goes out of business, women won’t be able to access health care, I have a response comparing Planned Parenthood (whose handle on Twitter is “@ppact”) to McDonalds:

So keep these three ideas in mind the next time you find yourself having a debate about defunding Planned Parenthood: car dealerships, pie charts and McDonalds. Here’s how I put it:

“Planned Parenthood doesn’t have a monopoly on women’s health care – instead it’s an organization designed to provide abortions, and that’s 98% of what they provide to pregnant women.”

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Top Photo: JoeinSouthernCA

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