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Heartbreaking video shows what you lose after an abortion

Dave Andrusko at National Right to Life News spotlighted this heartbreaking video from LifeSiteNews. The video was published about a year ago, and it shows just what we give up through abortion.

When women are in the grips of a crisis pregnancy, it can be hard to think of the good that will come of it. All they can see is the crisis. And pro-abortion “counselors” – like those at, say, Planned Parenthood – will hammer in those fears and doubts. They will lie, giving women inaccurate and misleading medical information. They will not be told about resources that exist to help them through not only the pregnancy, but the raising of the child as well. The way pro-aborts talk, there are no resources available, and women who choose to continue a crisis pregnancy will be sentenced to a life of misery and doom.

Will women who are considering abortion be reminded of the love that a child brings to their life? The joy? Pro-aborts certainly do everything in their power to prevent women from finding out that after having an abortion, they’re at an increased risk for mental health problems, depression, and suicide. They aren’t told about the heartbreak they’ll potentially be subjecting themselves to, and especially not about the happiness that a child will bring to their lives.

It’s not uncommon, by any means, for women to grieve for the children they’ve lost after undergoing an abortion. This video is a heartbreaking reminder of that – as well as a reminder that love and forgiveness are still possible after abortion, too.

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